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A gentle reminder...

Hi All, Just a gentle reminder that I'll be demonstrating this Saturday and Sunday at the Parish Hall in Market Bosworth. I'll also have work on display and samples and work in progress for you to look at. I hope to see you there.
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Long time, no hear

Hello all, It's been far too long.  I hope you're all OK and that you'll have time to pop along to my blog to my blog to see what I'm up to. I have some exciting things coming up. The next exciting event is taking place in our village and I'll be there on the demo stand, free motion quilting. I'll also be able to show you all some samples of free motion quilting I'll be using in classes. So please do pop along to say 'hi'.

I'll be posting more soon so keep your eye out...

Jean Littlejohn class

The Lutterworth Embroiderers Guild were very fortunate to have Jean Littlejohn teaching. I think most of the class managed to finish their morning piece - which was a small stitched picture that we then embellished.  For me it was a first with an embellisher and Jean generously let us use her machine.  The second piece was stitched with a more open weave fabric than many of us were used to sewing with. Jean generously provided this fabric that was dyed and she also provided a size 14 Chenille needle - again much larger than we were used to, but the big eye enabled us to use a thinker thread to fill the space. We then bond webbed and foiled over the stitches,  So - a great class. Here are some photos from the day:
I'll post more photos as the work progresses.

More stuff

Hello all. Where has the year gone? How come it's July already? And apologies for not having posted for some time. I've been very busy so hope you'll like some of the photos I have to share. So, I was very fortunate to attend a class with Jean Littlejohn with the Lutterworth Embroiders Guild. Here is my work in progress:

 And here are the pieces at the end of the day  And here is a piece I finished from my last class with Jean: I had a fab time last weekend.  It was the village arts festival and I was asked by the Market Bosworth Quilters to demo FMQ on the Saturday. Well - sitting sewing, drinking tea (which was brought around by the lovely Andy) and talking - it was a no brainer.  I had a lovely time. I also had a quilt on show.  A little blue Disappearing Nine Patch that I hand quilted. I do love hand quilting - but it's a little too warm at the moment to have a big quilt on your knee.
I also attended the West Midlands Embroiderers Guild Regional Day that the Leamington bra…

Exhibition and Elizabeth I

So - yet again a bit of a gap between posts - but I do have some photos at least.  The photos were taken on my phone and I'm rather impressed with the quality. Much easier that lugging a camera around. So, on Friday I went to the Bramble Patch for their annual Strawberries and Cream Exhibition. The main part of the exhibition was work by two of my favourite artists: Edwina MacKinnon and Catherine Nicholls. The premis of the exhibition was they both produced a piece of work based on a visit to a location they made together.  The work was very interesting and showed their breadth of skill really well.  A very thought provoking exhibition.

 Also at the exhibition was examples of English Paper Piecing. The Bramble Patch launched a mystery club at the start of the year - which is still open now. Here is a photo of one of the examples: I also went to an event by the Tudor Tailor: Dressing Elizabeth I. It really was fascinating. It was amazing to see how they got dressed and how the costumes w…

Sewing retreat

Hello everyone. I hope you've made the most of another Bank Holiday. I've been very lucky and have been at a sewing retreat.  It's great fun - an opportunity to sew and socialise and learn new things. So here are some photos of what I got up to:
Still to be quilted but nice bright cushion covers  A 'doodle cushion' which looks very complicated but as it was well thought out was actually as easy or as hard as you wanted to make it  Disappearing nine patch with a lovely charm pack - Persimmon by Moda, plus a few of my own and the spotty fabric to pull it all together.  Cut and come again - a workshop by Edwina Mackinnon which I keep on at. I really like the results.
And finally a bowl I am very very pleased with. The original fabric was truly horrendous and this is a massive improvement. Now there was a catastrophic event on the retreat. My machine broke on Saturday morning - not even half way through. Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh Thank goodness for the amazing Sar…

Workshop with Christine Plummer

Hello all. So, yesterday I attended a workshop with the Leamington Embroiderers Guild with Christine Plummer. And, amazingly it's one of the first workshops where nearly all of us finished the item we were making - and those who hadn't finished were very near to. Another added bonus was that if you wanted you could buy a kit! Happy days. So here is my offering:

Off to put all the stuff away ...